About Us

Founded in 2001, we are a video production company based in Long Island that specializes in Internet-based video productions.

We are heavily involved with attending anime and sci-fi conventions and producing their experiences into documentary films. Most of these films document a fan's experience of the convention. The company has been involved with the 2007 event I-CON 26, and made a documentary entitled I-CON 26: My Story. Other convention films they have produced are AnimeNEXT 2007: Crossing The Border, Otakon 2007: Top Ten Tips to Surviving Otakon Weekend, New York Anime Festival 2007: Three Friends and Kastucon 14: The Otaku Capital.

In late June 2008, We made our presence known throughout the anime convention community by staking its claim as a force to be known, with the premiere of The Fan's POV. This series gives fans exclusive coverage of events that take place at the conventions. They have everything from daily reports of the convention to a wrap-up report with their critics giving their thoughts of the convention. Since then, The Fan's POV has traveled to the biggest anime and manga conventions in the country. In 2009, The Fan's POV has traveled to over ten conventions including Anime Boston, Anime Central, and Anime Expo. The Fan's POV has also expanded to give viewers a taste of what these cities have to offer, with special editions such as A Taste of Chicago and The Boston Tea Party. In 2010, The Fan's POV will be traveling to more conventions throughout the country.

We also do original productions as well. Our flagship production is a short film entitled Insanity, a film about two people who are in love and then the girlfriend catches them cheating. The short film received some positive feedback as it was showcased during the SBU-TV Stony Brook University Film Showcase. Car Doctor is the second short film that our production house has released showcasing a relationship between an uncle and his nephew as they both get ready for college. The third film we released is called Strange Blood, and it is based off a British essay. The film is about a support group helping people dealing with 21st century trend addictions. This thirteen-minute film premiered at the SBU-TV Short Film Showcase, where it won first place.

Original series have also been a mainstay with us. The series "Pirates of the University" has spawned two seasons of "Battle of the Bloopers", where the audience chooses their favorite blooper from the series in order for it to become "The Ulitmate Blooper". In the summer of 2008, they released their first ever reality series called The Journey: A Road Undiscovered, which chronicles our cross-country trip in the summer of 2008. After its release, our next series, Whodunit: A Murder Amongst Friends was released on Halloween 2008. The series involves the audience in helping out a detective and a police officer solve a murder mystery. This unique concept let the audience vote on which path to pursue, in sort of a "Choose Your Own Adventure" style. In July 2009, the crew behind created a debate show called The List. On this show, the cast debates about their favorite topics within the anime industry and then the audience chooses what is the definitive list. We will be premiering a new 2009 fall lineup of web shows from original dramas to "educational" programming.

In July 2009, we announced a new executive board to the company with Terry Yamasky as Chief of Executive Operations, Magnolia Tracy as Chief Technology Officer, Christine Kerth as Chief Operating Officer, and Gina Finnberg as Public Relations manager.

If you have any questions, whether if it pitching an original idea or having your event documented, please contact us.