The Fan's POV - Top 50 Moments of 2009
Posted by DJErnDawg on Thursday 15th of October 2009 09:43:12 PM.

"The Fan's POV" had a wild year in 2009 from our season premiere at New York Comic Con in February to the New York Anime Festival in September. Everything else in between can be a blur, so we are counting the top 50 moments in the year that was. Starting October 19th to November 14th, we will count down our favorite moments from 50 to 1 (that way we can add more suspense, not like there is any). From October 19th to November 6th, we will reveal 3 moments from our countdown. From November 9th to 14th, we will countdown moments 5 to 1 with highlights from various cons and guests from Zenkaikon in King of Prussia, PA.

Starting November 14th and ending January 1st 2010, fans will vote online on their favorite moments of 2009 and the final 5 will be revealed at Katsucon 16 in February 2010. Also, we will have other countdown series focused on masquerade skits, guests, and cosplayers. Every Sunday during the Top 50 countdown, we introduce "The Fan's POV: Connections", where we show the connection between different conventions, such as marriage proposals, the regulars that we have spotted during the year, Godly Cosplay Team from Chicago, Anime Expo cosplay skit connect with New York Anime Festival, and Steampunk.

So, it's going to be a busy offseason for "The Fan's POV" as we return February 11th for a preview of Katsucon 16 from the Gaylord Resort Hotel and Convention Center.


The Fan's POV 2010 Schedule
Posted by DJErnDawg on Saturday 03rd of October 2009 03:47:11 AM.

Out-of-Time Productions has officially release the convention schedule for 2010 including the dates and locations. The schedule is subject to change.

The Fan's POV 2010

-Katsucon 16 in National Harbor, Maryland from February 12th to February 14th
-I-Con 29 in Stony Brook, New York from March 26th to March 28th
-Anime Boston 2010 in Boston, Massachusetts from April 2nd to April 4th
-Castle Point Anime Convention 2010 in Hoboken, New Jersey on April 11th
-Sakura Matsuri 2010 in Brooklyn, New York Dates TBA
-Wizard World Philadelphia in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on June 12th
-AnimeNEXT 2010 in Somerset, New Jersey from June 18th to June 20th
-San Diego Comic-Con International in San Diego, California from July 21st to July 25th
-Otakon 17 in Baltimore, Maryland from July 30th to August 1st
-DragonCon 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia from September 3rd to September 6th
-New York Comic Con 2010 in New York, New York from October 8th to October 10th
-New York Anime Festival 2010 in New York, New York from October 8th to October 10th
-Chiller Theatre in Parsippany, New Jersey Dates TBA.

-The Fan's POV: Disney World will be a separate show to be released in the Fall of 2010. We are in the process of deciding what other conventions to go to, if we can afford them. So far, these are the confirmed conventions that we will be covering for the year of 2010. If you have any ideas, e-mail us!


The Fan's POV - Anime Expo 2009
Posted by DJErnDawg on Saturday 27th of June 2009 02:39:49 PM.

We have a very special "The Fan's POV" coming for you guys! We will be packing up and heading out to California for Anime Expo! Here's the coverage he'll be bringing you:

July 1st - Preview
July 2nd - Anime Expo Day 1
July 3rd - Anime Expo Day 2
July 4th - Anime Expo Day 3
July 5th - Anime Expo Day 4
July 6th - Post-Con Wrap-Up Show

Also, on July 7th, we will be bringing you "City of Angels: Sites and Sounds of Los Angeles" which will cover some of the best spots to visit while you're in LA! Make sure to check that out!

As if that wasn't exciting enough, we'll be doing a little something we call "Anime Expo - The Aftershow: The Road to Otakon", which will contain some more in-depth Anime Expo coverage to tide you over until we get to Otakon! Here's what to expect:

July 12th - Masquerade
July 13th - AX Idol and Battle of the Bands
July 14th - Cosplay Awards
July 15th - Top 5 Highlights

Make sure to check out all this amazing coverage and the rest of our convention and travel videos over at !


Special Edition of "The Fan's POV" coming this Monday!!!
Posted by DJErnDawg on Monday 01st of June 2009 02:14:14 PM.

We have a special announcement for you guys! This Monday, we'll be presenting a special "The Fan's POV" show for you guys!

Want to know what it's about? Curious? Well, wonder no more!

This Monday, we will be bringing you "The Fan's POV: E3 2009"! You'll get to see the team discuss their highlights and thoughts from this year's E3!! So stay tuned for it, you won't want to miss it!


The Fan's POV - AnimeNEXT 2009
Posted by DJErnDawg on Friday 29th of May 2009 02:49:09 PM.

Hey there fans! We're happy to announce that our next trip will be to AnimeNEXT 2009! Here's our schedule for the convention coverage:

Day 1 Update - June 12th
Day 2 Update - June 13th
Day 3 Update - June 14th

June 15th will be the main AnimeNEXT coverage show, and an AnimeNEXT 2009 edition of "The Aftershow" will be coming at you guys as well! We hope to see you guys there!


The Fan's POV - Anime Boston 2009
Posted by DJErnDawg on Friday 15th of May 2009 01:12:41 PM.

Hello there OoTP fans! For those of you who love to watch us stretch our convention wings, another treat is coming up! Anime Boston 2009 is coming to you soon, with Terry and special viewpoint reporter Michael giving short updates and news reports from the convention, as well as our wrap-up special to highlight the best parts of the convention!

Here’s the schedule for our coverage:
May 22nd - Day 1 Update
May 23rd - Day 2 Update
May 24th - Day 3 Update
May 25th - Post-Con Wrap Up Show

Also, as an added bonus, we’re giving you a taste of Boston itself! Tune in May 26th for “The Boston Tea Party - A Tour of Boston”, where we show you the best places to hit in Boston if you have any time in between your convention activities!


Anime Boston 2009
Posted by DJErnDawg on Thursday 07th of May 2009 04:26:13 PM.

I know that it's about two weeks away, but you can't wait for Line-Con...I mean Anime Boston. We will have a ViewPoint camera for this, we will let you know who it is soon, but sign up for our mailing list and you'll be the first people to know who is running our ViewPoint camera. Plus also, we are looking for some people to be part of "The Fan's POV - AnimeNEXT 2009". If interested, sign up on our mailing list and let us know.

Make sure you watch this weekend for daily updates from Anime Central 2009 from Rosemont, Illinois. On Monday, May 11th will be our post-con wrap up show and find out where we are going next.


The Fan's POV begins May in the Windy City
Posted by DJErnDawg on Wednesday 29th of April 2009 02:22:08 AM.

The Fan's POV will be having a whole week of programming in the first full week of May, including "The Aftershow" and "Daily Updates" from Anime Central in Rosemont, Illinois. Plus also, we will be at two other events. The rundown of the week is filled with surprises. All these videos will be on our YouTube channel.

May 4th - The Aftershow: Bloopers
May 5th - "L Change The World"
May 6th - The Aftershow: Best of 2009
May 7th - A Taste of Chicago
May 8th - Anime Central 2009: Day 1 Update
May 9th - Anime Central 2009: Day 2 Update
May 10th - Anime Central 2009: Day 3 Update
May 11th - Anime Central 2009: Wrap-Up Show
May 12th - Sakura Matsuri 2009


The Fan's POV - Anime Central 2009
Posted by DJErnDawg on Tuesday 07th of April 2009 12:30:53 AM.

Alright, two more conventions are in the history books. Castle Point Anime Convention 2009 was a hit with the convention goers including us, while I-Con 28 brought back the whole OOTP crew and alot of memories of our first I-Con. Now, we can prepare for our next convention to which we are traveling to the Mid-West for.

ANIME CENTRAL 2009 in Rosemont, IL will play host to the next episode of "The Fan's POV", the convention will go through the grind of the toughest critics around, THE FANS. Terry will report from the convention to give the highlights of the convention, plus also a taste of Rosemont and the Windy City as he visits US Cellular Field and Wrigley Field. Also, he plans on getting the best in Deep Dish Pizza that he could get outside of Pizzera Uno.

Coverage begins on May 6th with The Fan's POV - The Aftershow, showcasing interviews we could not show during the main show from New York Comic Con 2009, Katsucon 15, Castle Point Anime Convention 2009, and I-Con 28. Then May 7th will showcase the sights and sounds of Chicago. May 8th through the 10th will be Daily Updates and then on May 11th, we will have "The Fan's POV - Anime Central 2009" where the fans will critique the con and see what their rating is.


The Fan's POV - Castle Point Anime Convention and I-Con 28
Posted by DJErnDawg on Wednesday 18th of March 2009 01:29:21 AM.

It's about two weeks away, and "The Fan's POV" will be making its first appearance at the Castle Point Anime Convention in Hoboken, New Jesery on March 29th, 2009. Since the convention is only one day, there will be no daily updates from the convention floor. There will be a post-con wrap-up show from the convention that will be posted onto our YouTube channel on March 30th, 2009. Throughout the week, we will be posting up events, highlights, and interviews.

The 28th annual I-Con science fiction fandom convention will be taking place from April 3rd to April 5th. There will be daily updates from the convention floor provided by Terry. Then on April 6th, we will have a post-con wrap-up show hosted by Terry, where we include interviews, highlights, and events from the annual convention.

All the videos will be posted up on our YouTube channel


The Fan's POV - Full Show Archive
Posted by DJErnDawg on Friday 20th of February 2009 01:03:37 AM.

As you may have heard, I am trying to put up the full show of "The Fan's POV" without slicing it up into different pieces like I do on YouTube. It gets a little annoying after a while, so I'm trying to find video hosting sites for it. I would use Google Video, however it is closing. So, i'm looking into a various of different sites. Until further notice, the full show will not be available online.

However, you can watch each part of the show by clicking on the side to the convention of your choice. Hopefully, you'll enjoy it just as much.

In other news regarding "The Fan's POV", we will NOT have an update from Castle Point Anime Convention. It will be a full show release on March 29th into the 30th. We'll see March 29th for "The Fan's POV - Castle Point Anime Convention". For the next weekend, I-Con 28 will have daily updates and a full show.

That's all the news for now! Thanks for watching and hope to you see at the cons.


THE Fan's POV - New York Comic Con and Katsucon 15
Posted by DJErnDawg on Thursday 22nd of January 2009 05:18:13 PM.

The Fan's POV will make its second season premiere at New York Comic Con and Katsucon 15 with a two week non-stop reports from New York City and Virginia City.

February 6th-8th (Fri-Sun) : The Fan's POV Daily Report - New York Comic Con 2009
February 9th (Mon) : The Fan's POV - New York Comic Con 2009 Full Show
February 10th (Tues) : Dealer's Room Report - New York Comic Con 2009
February 11th (Wed) : The Fan's POV - New York Comic Con 2009 Cosplay Interviews
February 12th (Thurs) : The Fan's POV - The Aftershow : Live on Stickam

February 13th-15th (Fri-Sun) : The Fan's POV Daily Report - Katsucon 15
February 16th (Mon) : The Fan's POV - Katsucon 15 Full Show
February 17th (Tues) : The Fan's POV - Katsucon 15 Cosplay Interviews

To see the full description:


"Strange New World" wins top prize at SBU-TV Film Showcase
Posted by DJErnDawg on Wednesday 10th of December 2008 03:50:12 PM.

We can now call ourselves award-winning producers and filmakers. The student television station in Stony Brook held its Stude?nt Film Showcase calli?ng all filmm?akers? to submi?t their? origi?nal works?.? The films? are revie?wed by a commi?ttee and then an audie?nce of its peers? decid?es who recei?ves top honor?s.?

Out-?of-?Time Produ?ction?s submi?tted "?Crazy?"?,? a story? about? two peopl?e invol?ved with one relat?ionship,? in the Sprin?g 2008 for the festi?val.? The film recei?ved mild criti?cism with its plotl?ine and cliff?hange?r endin?g.? It did well durin?g the showc?ase,? howev?er it did not win top honor?s.? In Decem?ber 2008,? Out-of-?Time Produ?ction?s submi?tted "?Stran?ge New World?"?,? an adapt?ion from an essay? about? peopl?e dealing with moder?n-?day probl?ems,? to the SBU-?TV Film Showc?ase to once again? win top honor?s.? This year prove?d golde?n as "?Stran?ge New World?"? won top honor?s recei?ving the most amoun?t of votes? from the audie?nce.? "?Stran?ge New World?"? will be shown? as other? festi?vals and a trail?er will be avail?able online at the Out-?of-?Time Produ?ction?s offic?ial websi?te.?

Producer Mark and Direc?tor Terry are extre?mely grate?ful that the film won the grand? prize? at the SBU-?TV Stude?nt Film Showc?ase,? and would? like to thank? every?one invov?led with the production?.? They both hope the film will be shown? at other? festi?vals.


The Fan's POV - 2009 Convention Schedule
Posted by DJErnDawg on Sunday 09th of November 2008 02:43:48 PM.

Out-of-Time Productions' premiere convention report show "The Fan's POV" has set their schedule for 2009. We will premiere our second season in our own backyard of New York City with New York Comic Con in February. Ray Reilly, Mark Szarek, and Terry will be reporting from the convention. In 2009, "The Fan's POV" will be visiting 6 new conventions throughout the USA, including travelling cross-country to the biggest anime convention in the country, Anime Expo. Our coverage will end at the MangaNEXT in New Jersey.

Feb 6-8 - New York Comic Con 2009 (New York, NY)
Feb 13-15 - Katsucon 15 (Virginia City, VA)
Mar 29 - Castle Point Anime Convention (Hoboken, NJ)
Apr 3-5 - I-Con 28 (Brentwood, NY)
May 8-10 - Anime Central 2009 (Rosemont, IL)
May 22-24 - Anime Boston 2009 (Boston, MA)
Jun 12-14 - AnimeNEXT 2009 (Somerset, NJ)
Jul 2-5 - Anime Expo 2009 (Los Angeles, CA)
Jul 10-12 - Jampcon (Chattanooga, TN)
Jul 13-15 - MLB All-Star Weekend (St. Louis, MO)
Jul 17-19 - Otakon 2009 (Baltimore, MD)
Jul 31-Aug 2 - Connecticon 2009 (Hartford, CT)
Sept 27-29 - New York Anime Festival 2009 (New York, NY)
Oct 30-Nov 1 - MangaNEXT 2008 (Somerset, NJ)

(NOTE: Schedule is subject to change)


Death Note Fan Film
Posted by DJErnDawg on Sunday 19th of October 2008 12:44:33 AM.

Holy crap!! We came up with another idea to pile onto the others. It's a fan film based off the popular Japanese manga and anime "Death Note". If you wanna know what it's about, join the forums and you'll find out about it.


NYAF 2008 - SEASON FINALE of "The Fan's POV"
Posted by DJErnDawg on Wednesday 01st of October 2008 03:54:24 AM.

This past weekend at the New York Anime Festival was a complete success. Thanks to Raymond Reilly for letting 14-year old girls attack him. Thanks to Mark Szarek for asking girls a practical question such as "How many times has a guy hit on you?". Thanks to Allen Long for taking pictures of cosplayers. Thanks to Jon Ingoglia for getting us the smallest room known to mankind. Finally, thanks to the many people who watched our videos from the weekend.

This weekend marked the first season of "The Fan's POV". It was a blast filming all the conventions. Special Thanks to Danielle Choy and Krissy Lawlor for helping me with reporting at AnimeNEXT and Otakon. The 2009 Con Schedule will be released in early November.



The Fan's POV - New York Anime Festival 2008
Posted by DJErnDawg on Tuesday 23rd of September 2008 06:22:07 PM.

Out-of-Time Productions will be saying goodbye the convention season in our own backyard. The season finale of "The Fan's POV" will be coming from the 2008 New York Anime Festival at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City from September 26th to the 28th, which daily reports from the convention center at midnight every night. They will be posted up on our YouTube and Stickam account.

However, don't go quietly into the night, we always go out with a bang. September 25th at 11pm will be the NYAF Pre-Party live on Stickam, where YOU will get the chance to ask us questions and send out requests for the weekend. We want to know what YOU want to hear and YOU want us to cover. On September 28th at 10pm, we will be hosting the live NYAF AfterParty on Stickam. He will discuss his experiences at the convention and also his experiences at different conventions that he went to last year. Also, we will retire "Free Pocky" with the video that sent its bags packing and almost got him kicked out of Otakon 2008.

We will be reporting from the convention will interviews and thoughts about the convention. We will have a strictly fan oriented report on the convention, as the team will be speaking to cosplayers, dealers, and attendees to grasp their opinion on the second-year convention.



WOW!! We are still here
Posted by DJErnDawg on Thursday 28th of August 2008 06:11:11 PM.

Yes, Out-of-Time Productions is still going and going strong into the fall 2008 with two new series.

WHODUNIT - A Murder Amongst Friends
You know the deal here, we are in the middle of shooting the production. We will have a couple of preview videos to show you what it looks like. Plus also, EP Ray Reilly and We will have a separate video to explain what exactly to do. The next preview and trailer will premiere on Friday, September 26, 2008 during "The Fan's POV - New York Anime Festival 2008". We will also reveal the premiere date of the series then, too.

The Journey: A Road Undiscovered
In August 2008, Director Terry went on a 17-day trip across the country to see sights that he had never seen before, including Mount Rushmore, Lake Michigan, and most importantly himself. This 14 city adventure spanned across all four time zones and hits over 10 states in the union. This series will follow the journey as he travels from Baltimore's Inner Harbor to Phoenix's Chase Field, giving travel tips and blogging his experience as he taps a number of topics throughout the course of life and his vacation. The premiere episode will be broadcast on Sunday, September 28, 2008 after "The Fan's POV - New York Anime Festival 2008", with a new episode every Tuesday afterwards.


Posted by DJErnDawg on Sunday 20th of July 2008 02:48:05 PM.

Thanks to one of our newest actresses, We have a stickam account!! For those of you who don't know what stickam is, it is a social video networking site. This is where we can post LIVE video chat and also post up photo slideshow automatically and do some radio shows.

To add us as a friend on there, go to our official page


The Fan's POV - DHL MLB All-Star Fan Fest 2008
Posted by DJErnDawg on Saturday 19th of July 2008 05:08:30 AM.

We went to the Jacob Javits Center, where they hold New York Comic Con and the New York Anime Festival, to visit the MLB All-Star Fan Fest. Terry reported on the event, and you can see here. Also, there is an extra video, where Terry and Tim called "The Dive" in their own special...unique way.

The next episode of The Fan's POV will be at the Weird Al Yankovic show in Westbury, New York. It will premiere on July 24th.