T H E   J O U R N E Y
A   R O A D   U N D I S C O V E R E D

What is "The Journey: A Road Undiscovered"?
Posted by DJErnDawg on Friday 01st of August 2008 02:01:02 AM.

I'm going on a cross-country to over 10 cities throughout the United States, not only doing sight-seeing but also finding myself. To be more exact, I need get away to get my head straight. During this time, I'll post up blog entries to explain what's going on. I would explain more but I gotta go back to work.

Some of the things I said may offend people, the opinions reflect do not reflect employees of Out-of-Time Productions, its sponsors, its affilates, or its corporate entites. Please use discretion, when viewing.

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Life is a an adventure, not a guided tour.
Posted by DJErnDawg on Friday 01st of August 2008 01:43:30 AM.

Upon embarking the biggest journey that I have taken in a long time, I reflect on what I have done and what I have accomplished in my life. Being the self-esteem killer that I am, I think that my life has been a failure compared to other path pavers. However I realize at this stage of my life, that you can't compare yourself to other people and how they write their chapters. You write your book on your life and as Harvey Dent said in "The Dark Knight", you make your own luck.

I reflect on what I think is somewhat accomplished and pride for my self-being. Why you might ask this? Cause I have reached achievements that not a lot of people in my family have done before. My mother was the only one in my life with an associate's degree until August 2003. My father is the only one in my family with a college degree, until December 15th 2005. Currently, my sister is going for her bachelor's degree and her three kids are supporting her every step of the way.

Accomplishments are nothing compared to the love of a family who supported you through the hard times and were the driving motivation on why you did what you did. When I received my bachelor's degree, I felt that it was the apex of what I needed to get myself through this road. My mom and dad were there, along with the love of my life (at the time), Connie who told me that she was proud of me and I was the driving force in her life. One week later, Connie threw me a surprised graduation party with all of my friends there. Three weeks later, I was training for master control at Viacom Networks. I felt that life couldn't get any better.

When you flash forward two years, transition would be the best word to describe it. My parents currently live about 30 minutes away from Duke University in North Carolina. My sister is married to a good guy and taking care of three children, CJ, Jasmine, and Ramiro. They live in the house that I spent my childhood in.

As far as myself goes, Connie and I broke up cause I was too busy for her and communication breakdowns. We tried to be friends, however about eight months she told me that she never wanted to see or hear from me again. It hurts but I was forced to move on with my life as she did. The last time she ever talked to me was an IM demanding that I take down the pictures from my surprise graduation party, which I didn't cause I'm not confided to her anymore. From what I know, she's been going to SUNY Potsdam to complete her seventh year of college. The kicker is that she is currently engaged. I can't do anything about it, but wish her luck even though she hates me (Come to think of it, who doesn't?)

Well, I still work for Viacom Networks and climbing up the corporate ladder as I was promoted twice to a position that I am comfortable with and can be very good at. The job does serve its low points being its morale and unification of co-workers. I know that this company isn't really on the top 10 list of everyone these days, however it's something that pays the bills and keeps the light on. In light of this, I have decided to create my production company after seeing a fellow Oswego graduate start his company up upon graduation. It is called Out-of-Time Productions, based on a movie that I made in 2001 called "3pm". The company has slowly been growing and has served a learning ground for everyone involved including myself. I learned about hiring people, being professional, and how to run a company as a businessman, instead of a friend. We have two original films set and three running series, since its formal introduction in August 2006. This company has taught me a lot about business and it has made me consider taking some business classes in college. Speaking of college, I have decided to go back to pursue a second bachelor's degree in Engineering. If I have one piece of advice for that, DON'T GO TO STONY BROOK, unless you plan on going there full-time. But that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

What am I trying to say? It's a simple philosophy that shows maturity and sense of adulthood, life changes. You shouldn't dwell on what has gone bad in your life, cause not everything in your life will go according to plan. I'm a true testament to that statement. You should feel proud of what you have done cause not everyone will have the same opportunities as yourself; once you take those for granted, then your life will truly go for a downward spiral. You should be proud of yourself for accomplishing what you have done with your life.

Still don't believe it? Well, as I go on my trip it would be more of self-discovery and travel experiences, rather than "seeing places". I plan on blogging my experiences online as much as I can while I am away. I would like to do it everyday of my trip, but that's tough enough already. Then, I plan on taping the entire trip to share with everyone. This will serve as an open-opening experience for myself, I'm a reserved and shy guy who keeps to himself. That will change with this, I'm going to reveal a lot about myself and say outlandish statements that will cause different perceptions of me. For example, "HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL IS THIS GENERATION'S 'BREAKFAST CLUB' ". Personally, I don't like "HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL", the music sucks and it gives a false pretense of high schoo, however it holds the ideals and philosophy of Disney. (Sorry for going on a tangent)

When looking at the big picture, I could really careless on what others think. As long as my family knows who I am and my true friends know who I am, then everything else will fall into place. As my old karate sensei has instilled into his students, "Put what you love first and the rest of your life will take care of itself"

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